Contec’s embedded computers are known for their reliability, performance and longevity. Founded on innovations in industrial computing and computer-based technology since 1975, Our purpose-built embedded computing solutions are developed with the customer in mind, drawing from over 40 years of experience and our own proprietary technologies. Our embedded product line is well suited medical, industrial, commercial uses.
Panel Computers integrate a touch panel LCD with a PC. Suitable for operation panels, operation terminals, and monitoring systems in machine equipment and on production line. Fanless panel computers are designed to be compact and save power while offering a variety of mounting and screen size options to ensure easy installation and operation.
Long-term supply and long-term maintenance support offered. These products free you from having to deal with operation verifications and device design changes that occur every time models are changed, thus contribute to reducing development and verification costs. Great selection of hardware RAID models enabling 24-hour consecutive operations.
Reliable, long life motherboards and single board computers (SBCs) from Contec, your complete technology design authority. Industrial strength quality and durability for manufacturers and OEMs.
Contec rugged industrial tablets are purpose-built to withstand even the harshest environments without compromising performance or security.
Displays equipped with an analog resistive touch panel that are suitable for FA production sites. They are used in combination with embedded computers. The front part is compliant to the IP65 dust and water protection standard.
PT Tandem Technologies bring "Technology for Better Life".
We provide Long Term Product Solution, Internet of Things (IOT), Industrial Computer (IPC) and Data Acquisition (DAQ). Our services distribution and support at your Factory Automation or Systems Integration.
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